Midnight – 6:00 a.m.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Submitted by Aleta Parker in Alaska



1:00  Patti facilitator


Prayers for war memorial for veterans  (break demonic strongholds Bev said)

Children will rise up and defend their grandparents, fathers etc., that sacrificed for our nation.

Prayer for Harry, Pelosi, Obama 3 cord be broken

Partial shutdown -  Prayer in the spirit

Deborah from Iowa said that their regional director wants special prayers for shutdown because they are there and they don’t know exactly what they should do so need special guidance from Holy Spirit, where to go, who to see, what to pray, there are 5 of them.  

Protect Barb and her team, safe physically, spiritually, recognize anything that might come against them and to bind it.  Special wisdom for them and that you will take them to places where they are normally not able to go.  Your power will go through them.  Every single word coming out of their mouth glorify you, Lord.  

Patti read from Proverbs 8 for them.

Praying Psalm 91 over them every day and that that team is probably praying that over themselves.

Patti prayed for forgiveness for misuse of money for other reasons rather than righteousness.

Lord says that there are 6 things no 7 things  haughty eyes, lying tongues, hands that kill the innocent etc.,

Father we forgive those in our government that do these things.  Father we know that it is not your will.

We release in place of these things, the fruit of the spirit all of the fruits of the spirit be released and turning hearts to righteousness and hearts back to you.  Open their eyes of understanding that goes further than social justice and see the trap that is layed and they will get out of it.

Reestablish righteous budget, deliver American people from this affordable care act.  You are a higher court and we cry out to you for justice and that we can be protected with the form of health care that has been established …….

We thank those that are establishing righteousness by standing up in our government that they will continue standing  by these five ladies.

Shutdown will only be in your timing Lord.

We recognize that the positions that are in the government that the church is responsible.  

May we receive our guilt and be convicted and repent and not overspend.  Help us to pay of everything to be debt free and may we see that overflow in our government.

Patti said we thank you that the jobs overseas will come back, jobs will come back.  These American companies their hearts will be touched to reestablish their companies back in the US.  ……..


Lonnie  said We thank you for Chick Fil Lay and the wedding cake company that are standing strong for righteousness and that it will be an example to others

Christians are drinking Starbucks someone said- We pray that starbucks will fail and the little coffee companies will flourish.

Ted Cruz will be speaking at the family foundation in Virginia.  Pray was for Ted Cruz.

Pray for pregnancies centers.  Patti prayed for the

Senatorial and Congressional elections Patti said for a true constitutional senate and house.  Bring in the candidates that they will be strong constitutionists.  We the people will rally around what has worked for 200 years.  No UN mandate, treaties will be signed by the Senate.  The seat does not belong to the UN.  

Virginia is famous for their apples…….Turn the peoples hearts back to their founding.

Patti prayed for Lonestar State and Perry.


2:00 Aleta facilitator

College kids – institutions – Donna and I prayed for Hannity and Glenn Beck for these brainwashed kids that are for homosexuality and abortion.  On Hannity it was 100% for this, I believe.  Not one thought different.  Prayed for those to arise in righteousness to eradicate this despotism that is trying to destroy United States of Christ.  (There were 3 but one person did not answer, perhaps asleep.)

Eph 5 Donna said husbands and wives, repentence, forgiveness for marriages and families.

We named each senator and prayed for them.  We prayed for their salvation and that they would be exposed.  Yes, for their salvation but they don’t need to be in office to be saved.  We need righteous people in office and that the news media would get sick of beating a dead horse and ride the right horse.

That the net that they have for the righteous they will fall into it themselves.

You never used a large group for your glory.

We prayed for Nir Alla Cod for Israel to be mayor.  

We are to provoke them to jeousley.


Forgive the church for giving into their pleasures and neglecting those that are led to the slaughter.

Let our presence be at the abortion clinics.  Thank you for the prolife people.


Forgive the body of Christ for its religiousity.  Where we think we should be and we shouldn’t.  You set us free on the cross.

Forgive us for getting so involved in wordily activities.

Prayed for Disney – Were promoting their unrighteous ways  – We pray for a transformation of Disney.  

Christians probably promote 1/3 or ½ of their business.

Thank you for CRI that is saying our dependence on you and asking forgiveness on the Sunday before Independence Day.

Donna got off at 3:20.  Seemed like there was someone else on the line but I just prayed in the spirit.

Micelle said she was thankful and for this prayer line.

Valerie’s heart was for Israel for one new man.  Replacement theology.  Restore Tabernacle of David.

Thank you Lord that you are the restorer of all things.  There are five people on but only Micelle and Valerie have made theirselves known.

Prayed for those to step out in their gifts to set people free.  For us to be one as you are one in the Father.  Each stone handcrafted to your specifications.  That no one will want to be the arm when they should be the leg that their will be no jeously in the body of Christ for no one can fill that position that the Lord has called that certain person to.   We pray for the stirring up of those gifts and fulfill and accomplish those things that you desire.

We prayed for trafficking.

Prayed for discernment for the BOC

Valerie is a Psalmist and has a couple of records out as I asked her if she sang.

She sang and I sang.

She prayed for the bride to be ready. Micelle and Valerie got off.


Joyce got on at 5:00 EST.  I was praying about abortion and she said that a mother gave birth to a ll pound boy and she prayed about wonderful mothers.

Joyce said you love the innocent, the poor, the widow, you protect everything.  Thank you Lord for men and woman that really love you.  You are so faithful and your love.

Those who work for CPS protection for them and that they know how to protect the little children.

Lose the hound of heaven over those children that are being abused.  Either bring repentence to the fathers and mothers or whatever to bring restoration and healing to the families.

Thank you, Thank you for your protection.

Loose your angels over the DC area and just bring healing and restoration and peace.

That the Congress can accomplish, that you shift the atmosphere over this nation.  Joyce said

You are faithful to fulfill your promises.  Nothing is impossible with you.  Lift the banner of love over this nation.  What’s impossible with man is not impossible with you.

Every congressmen would know your love and know your presence and your peace that can only come from you.   That they will seek your face only you can break down the barriers that the enemy has tried to bring between them.  Set things right in our Nation.  Bind every plan of the enemy over this nation, our family, our churches and we ask you to lose the perfect love of God over all.

They dictate lies and make them seem like their truth.  We ask you to reverse those curses over this generation and restore America with a heart to please you and a blessings to your people Israel.  Help us to love other people of other nations to bring them into the Kingdom, loose the Harvest over the Nations.

The generation that was on the Hannity show that are believing the lies of the enemy we ask you to reverse those curses and bring them to you to know your love.

I lift up my nephews wife, keep thinking of twins.  I lift up multiple births and plead the blood of Jesus over them.  Rebuke lies of one that is not going to live.  Bring all the twins to fruition.  Take the lies of the enemy in the newspapers.  Call for healing of these children.

Thank you for that precious man that wasn’t normal, Lord please restore him. Restoration healing of their brains of these children.

Thank you Lord that you are binding all the lies of the media and we ask that you raise up a righteous remnant in the media and they will be bound to the truth and that you will bring that forth.  We need the voice of truth.

Rebecky Sheng from Michigan spoke up at 15 to 6 EST.  She said she was on from 12:30 and was so blessed and just listening and learning. She and Joyce spoke about China.


Sheng said that she came back for the Chinese Church.  Joyce said that the Lord said she is a prophet that she needs to pray for these young people that they will be able to break the yoke off this nation that they will come with such a force from the KOG that their hearts will be so focused on the Lord's face, no longer will they fear anything.  They will walk with such a favor that they will take back the ground wherever they walk.  They will bring down principalities and powers and they will have such a wisdom and knowledge and bring down devil himself.  She gave some secret info and I wish I knew who the other person was on the line that was silent.  Joyce can remember more than I.  They are entering the 7 mountains.  Sheng asked for my email. 

Call ended at 7:00 a.m.!!  59 callers altogether; 3,942 minutes!!

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