Banners of waving glory

I was so happy today when (I think it was Susan ...) added to the end of our lengthy discussion of banners, that our hands wave "Nissi!" and victory and miraculous power when "we show up and He shows off." The gathering of the tribes by banner groups indeed pointed (in Numbers 2 and -- according to commandment -- every one of the 42 separate times they encamped in the wilderness) to being before the presence of the Lord as being above every human banner during the time of Israel's "espousals."

All I really need to say in this post is that the prophetic unity of our collected voices is an answer recognizing that the center of all our banner-waving is on high, with The Power whence Christ is revealed, and that the Holy Spirit is acknowledged by ancient Jewish scribes when in what they write between Number 10:34 and the next two verses, and after them before the next Chapter starts, they separate out the description of Moses' prayer that encamped and decamped the tribes. The presence of the Lord in the cloud enabled the four degalim (banner groups of Numbers 2) to spell out not Abram's name as patriarch at the top of all the four banners, because a fifth letter (by place, in the middle of the four spelling Avram) was necessary to designate the breath, of Avr - h -am! The pillar of cloud by day or of fire by night was the manifestation of "My angel that will go before you." The letter Heh, the fifth letter of the Hebrew language, is the same in writing as the number 5, and the mystical symbols of upside-down fifties (nuns) are there not only to separate those two verses as special because they signify the unity the spirit in the bond of peace,  but they also teach the unity of the roof-sides of the tabernacle (Exodus 26:25-26) when the camp is set up... among other things! 42 ends the sixth week on a Jubilee count-down, that Jews approach with the waving of Omer "until Pentecost be fully come." Pentecost in both the Old and New Testaments is where the spirit gathers first the escapees from Pharaoh to Sinai, then the desert wanderers on their way to the promised land and then at last the nations to Zion where the Son of David has been raised. The "sixth book of Moses" will be seen for what it is when the mystery of godliness is revealed to the Jews by faith, in the face of Jesus Christ our Lord!

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