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Attached below is our standard version letter head in Word. You can edit the letter head and I am attaching an example of a Kentucky version so you can see what I mean.


Also attached below are two different Microsoft Publisher Files and one word file. One is a NGPT Business Card GPT GPT The other a NGPT Brochure. Click for PDF NGPT_brochure.pdf Also the one word document is an editable letter head. You can edit to your state name. gpt_letterhead_kentucky.doc gpt_letterhead_kentucky.doc Please edit this to reflect your needs and the needs of your state.


Here is the link to just one of the email newsletter companies if you have a need for this in your network. (this is the one I use).  Is another and here is a video introduction of another! Or just go to where they charge as you go at $9 a newsletter to as many as 1 Thousand recipients.


If you have Word or use Outlook, you can create very nice news letters in Word and save as a template and send then via Outlook as a E Newsletter. Google email also has this function. If you find all this to complicated it should make the cost of using one of these services  little easier to swallow.


We presently use because it includes features like a live bridge where you can see all the callers and quickly identify who is on the call (caller ID) and even mute as necessary in real time for noise. Also record for playback and download in MP3.


To join our Brand New NGPT Prayer Network simply follow this invitation link . To make signing up easier you will see in the upper right hand corner the words “…Or sign up with one of these:” and you will see the logos for Facebook, Google,  and Yahoo. Just click on the Facebook logo and it will auto log you in to our site using the same information used at Facebook.


Do you find that you have additional needs? If so please make your request. Also if you see somthing that should be added here then please let me kknow I and will add your idea.



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