The recently released Smokescreen video is a must watch to learn about the slow moving hurricane coming our way with more marijuana/drugs.  

Today's high potency marijuana is 30-50 times stronger than the Woodstock pot.  One dab is equivalent to 20 joints all at once.  This is what today's teens are playing with.  They make sport out of seizing - having seizures while mooking.  Today's one night superhigh has left young people schizophrenic for the rest of their lives.  Dabs can leave them dead.  

Along with commercialization comes international cartel influences on government leaders, police, and communities.  In some native reservation lands, illegal grows that use highly toxic poisons have made their fishing lands and hunting grounds unsafe for human consumption.  

Soros was behind the pot movement starting back in the 70's.  Navy Captain Erbetta of their Drug Free Campaign stated, "All America's enemies need to do to bring our country down, is to fan the flames on drug use."  Marijuana is a gateway drug.  With more marijuana you will also find more meth, more opioids, more psychotic breaks, suicides, homicides, deaths and crime.  And that doesn't begin to tell how the real estate market in all neighborhoods will be marred with black mold, fire hazards, and buyer beware markets.  

Click here for more information - start with Quick Take, and then An Overview.  

Lord, protect the brains of our youth.  They are our nation's most precious natural resource.  Wake up the church to be a voice not only for the unborn, but our teens and our communities.  We must pray and act!!!

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