Revival Fire Burns Out of Control

The Fire is burning. Ministries like Every Home for Christ, YWAM & Campus Crusade (Jesus video) and others are blanketing the planet with the Gospel.

The 10-40 window has been set on fire by prayer and the move of the Holy Spirit.

The more martyrs they kill the more people see believers die in the faith and more people turn to the only Hope.

Never forget, once your set on fire, don't put out the Holy Spirit' flame. Stay connected to as many streams of prayer and action as possible. Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.

For prayer without action is dead and action without the Lord God Almighty (Yahweh), the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua) & the Holy Spirit leading and helping you along as we pray is dead.

The worst thing you can be is a believer who lost connection with the Head before your first body is put in the ground. Be a believer when your first body dies, it is the only way past the gates at Paradise.

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