Chris my lovely wife posted on Facebook a WorldNet Daily story about Minnesota Governor in desperate straits for funds....

I felt it was timely to reply to her something that in principle I had shared very nearly at the end of today's national call, while only a few people were able to hear me. Therefore I will say here again what I think important to repeat, in case there are people who want to take advantage of our website for practical information to combat the lack of awareness among fellow-Christians who simply do not know the origins of the current shape that the "enemies within" are giving to their activism.

To start with my position is ratified every day by the reading of the Torah portions. Early Christians - I contend - were very Orthodox in their use of the Scriptures and what appears in Numbers 26:52-56 seems amply to bear me out, under-girding the principle of private property with the apportionment of tribal territories by direct reference to their numbers in the census.

Collectivists who feel it their right and even their duty to seize private property for "public" use are very, very deeply embedded in our midst. The following websites are instructive in that precise regard.

This struggle of Minnesota to keep its expenditures up to pace with the needs for minimal recovery from the riots can all be traced back to Cloward & Piven. They sought to exhaust the public resources available to the government in order to overwhelm their political enemies ... that was us. Today the deep state elements in place are fully in sympathy with the collectivist mind-set that was announced long beforehand by Antonio Gramsci with his strategy for the proletarian "ownership of the state." Later the move was called the "long march through the institutions" by the German Rudi Dutschke - 1967 was shortly after the 1966 article in The Nation by Cloward & Piven whose direct inspiration was the 1965 Watts race riots in L.A

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