The TRUE Power of Testimony

I was praying and studying at home today, as I have been sick and unable to attend church, when I came across something so powerful, so revelatory and urgent, that I could go no further until I stopped and just let the Spirit teach me. We all know the power of a good testimony. A life delivered from bondage, another name rescued from the list of the damned and joyfully added to the Lamb's Book of Life! I would never take anything away from the testimony of a Saint. However, I fear we (the Body of Christ) are missing out on the FULL power to be found in our testimonies! The root Hebrew word for our word "testimony" means not just to "relate again," but quite literally means, "to do again!" We are not meant to share our testimonies as things of the past, but as occurances which are STILL vitally connected to us and the Work of Daddy God in our lives! Just as we should never allow our prayers to become stale, repetitive acts of heartless service, we are to make sure that our personally experienced "witness of words" are life-changing stories which are STILL changing lives!! I encourage you, as I have been encouraged today, to remember that when Daddy God Spoke the world into existence, that His Words were, and still are, action words! Let us make sure that our words, whether through prayer, witnessing, teaching, or even through lighthearted fun, are words of Eternal Action! Blessings In His Name, ~Larry

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