Unity of the faith

 This is what I felt I needed to pray into today  (September 22nd) as the anxiety and striving of the elections have heightened the stress on our faith. My recent discovery of a very obvious flaw in my King James Version - illustrated in this screenshot from my iPhone - took some weeks to tease out of the history and actually over a year of working through our personal feelings with regard to the Holy Spirit gifts in our local Christian fellowship. It would be too much for the NGPT website to post all of that, but the development of a deep personal friendship through our ministry that occurred over that year has brought my comfort-level to an effective sense of having the initiative of Heaven behind this boldness to promote the diagram and its explanation in any & all venues that will be what "every joint supplies" through this member-in-particular doing my part. As I said on the prayer call, it is for the entire church to be brought to the unity of the faith.

Finding that the word "abrogation" was applied to the Old Testament not only during the later twentieth century by mainline American Evangelicals but for almost 500 years, has been so much more surprising to me when I discovered it last week, that I got busy making exegetical as well as historical verifications... But in the end I have found it more strategic to put up the diagrams.

It may or may not shock you that the Arminian/Calvinist conflict is engaged in this, or that the fusses about the "Closing of the Canon" shutting the door on the last necessary or permissible expression of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Church are raging on... all that I need to add is that the insertions, here in verse 13 and in verse 7, were not made by Luther's German New Testament, nor by Jerome's Latin Vulgate.

As the two verses are shown with both English and Greek, it is possible to see that what KJV has, (appearing beneath my red X's,) is not there in the original text. It is - as I am convinced and as I wish to insist that whoever reads my post needs to check out for themselves - untenable that the "first" in v. 7 and the "new" in v. 13 be either one of them made to modify the word "covenant." It is a demonic implant into the Church!

The first MINISTRY (as Romans 8:3 states) was weak through the flesh; the new CREATION (as Hebrews 12:27-28 state) will not be removed. Nor will our place in it be taken away "if we hold fast our confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end." Hebrews 3:6

If we want to adore the living Savior in spirit and in truth we can and must bring down every vain imagination and take captive every thought to the obedience of Christ. Only then will we be able to enter into His rest, for the Word of God is for TODAY in every era, and throughout eternity.


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