Today just before the 11:00 prayer call I had been listening to the WarRoom Pandemic television broadcast from Stephen K. Bannon, former White House adviser in the first months of Donald Trump's incoming administration in 2017. This particular show was featuring Mike Lindell whose new independent media platform is*

Next and just before I felt I had to shut it all off to get ready to join this morning's prayer call I was pretty surprised to see a familiar face from Massachusetts politics, and hear a QUITE FRANKLY, AMAZING revelation of the judicial success of a young man whose ambitions to win a public office. He is not a Christian and in fact is (to all appearances I've seen) a Hindu polytheist after the Vedic tradition.

His name is Shiva Ayyadurai, and has managed through dogged persistence and a highly developed intellect to receive judgments from courts that compelled his adversaries to grant discovery of KEY official INTRUSIONS into the electoral process BY the so-called PRIVATE SECTOR SOCIAL MEDIA MOGULS. This was Jack Casey and his See the results of this process of adjudication on http://WINBACKFREEDOM.COM. It is slow to load and reverts to his own personal page,

Technically (in spite of his professed prowess) Ayyadurai's website is better used with right-clicks and opening the material - whether images or PDF documents - in new tabs...

Blessings - Dave

*I have subscribed and now get daily reminders of live features that have been starting at 7PM Eastern Time. In the past several months Mike Lindell has produced good video back resources for our confidence that our "StopTheSteal" prayers are still being heard on high! E.g.,

Mike Lindell puts forth proofs of Chinese cyber-meddling.png

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  • Last night Lindell's invitation to the NGA meetings in Nashville was cancelled.

  • Last night I listened (thanks to Chris watching it) to Kent Christmas's video about the spiritual situation of our country, the church seemingly suffering a serious deficit of understanding about the naming of of demonic principalities that have taken control of the government. So many weaknesses of the Christians are the result of deliberate acts of intrusion into our personal authority as saints, from the elements of the kingdom of darkness that gained access to our "collective imagination" as American citizens with illusions that are totally at odds with and detrimental to our usefulness as servants of the Most High! We fail to make declarations of the higher-level truths that belong to us - all because we do not exercise discernment of spirits (or even believe them that have the gifting.)

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