• 1. Single payer insurance driving all other insurance carriers out of the state.

    2. Current House Bill 4016 on mandatory reporting being considered in the Senate having been passed out of the State House.

    3. Women leaders, the Bible says otherwise and so are an increasing number of women in organizations such as Revive Our Hearts. A recent national minister spoke on how the women go so goes the country. Basically what I have been praying against for over a decade against feminist Christianity, the culture has been changed by women over the last 130 years. The movie Courageous, we watch but we can't lead our families being in a stalemate with our wives.

    4. The report your neighbor mindset the government has trained most of us through public education in.

    5. The submission to recycle everything and be as safe as possible to save ourselves.

    Do you have personal intercessors? Count me as one. I added you to my list this year of over 250 people I try to pray for before heading in to work weekdays. Over 20 years ago the Holy Spirit led me to be an intercessor. I asked to learn to pray and he gave me a passion like that of my two main mentors John Maxwell & Dick Eastman.

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