Biblical Leadership Qualities

From Sylvia Gunter - Biblical Leadership Qualities  


      God desires for righteous men and women to rule. His desire extends to all nations and election cycles. All leaders are and have always been under the scrutiny of our holy God. The challenges in the days ahead will require God-molded and God-directed leadership. Pray for all whom God chooses and enables to lead in every context. 


      Pray for all in authority in government, church, family, and all leadership positions in all of society to be men and women of...
Righteousness and blamelessness like Noah.  Gen. 6:9  

Faith like Abraham.  Rom. 4:18-21  

Wisdom like Joseph.  Gen. 41:33  

Meekness like Moses.  Num. 12:3, 7b-8  

Fear of the Lord and trustworthiness like the leaders Moses chose.  Exo. 18:21 

Being sent by God like Miriam.  Mic. 6:4  

Courage like Joshua.  Deu. 31:6  

Wholeheartedness in following God like Caleb.  Josh. 14:8-9, 14  

A heart of intercession for the people like Samuel.  1 Sam. 12:23  

Perseverance like Job.  James 5:11  

God's validation like David.  Isa. 55:4  

Capability like Ezra's leaders.  Ezra 7:28b, 8:16-18  

Prayer life like Nehemiah by which the hand of God was on his leadership. 

Neh 1:4-11, 4:4,9; 6:9, 14; 9:6-38; 13:14, 22, 29, 31.  

Integrity like Daniel.  Dan. 1:8  

Servant heart like Mary.  Luke 1:38  

Submission under God's authority like the centurion.  Mat. 8:9  

Insight, not like the blind guides.  Mat. 23:16, 15:14  

Honesty like Nathanael.  John 1:47  

Evidence of having been with Jesus like Peter and John.  Acts 4:13  

Being filled with faith and the Spirit, with God's grace and power like Stephen. 

Acts 6:5, 8, 10  

Certainty of God's choosing and commissioning like Paul.  Acts 9:15-16, 26:16-20 

Genuine interest in the welfare of others like Timothy.  Phi. 2:20

         Bless your leaders, asking God to shape them into Christ-like leadership...  

with a shepherd's heart like our Shepherd.  Jer. 3:15, 23:1, 4; Heb. 13:20-21  

with total submission to our Father.  Mark 14:22  

with a pure heart.  Mat. 5:8  

with total grace and truth.  John 1:14, 16  

with complete obedience.  Phi. 2:5-8  

with willingness to suffer. Heb. 5:8  

with compassion.  Mat. 9:36


Jesus perfectly exemplified all these leadership qualities and more. Pray that all leaders, both spiritual and secular, will be growing in these Biblical leadership qualities. The need is so urgent.

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