The National Governors' Prayer Team is a cooperative effort of individuals, independent Christian ministries and businesses working together to intercede for and on behalf of all those in authority including the Governor of their state.

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We are here to come together with the focus of praying for our Governor and "all those in authority". Beside our weekly statewide prayer call this give us a place to communicate what you as a watcher on the wall are seeing and hearing. To sound the alarm for special prayer needs and calls. To also get to know and serve one another.

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  • Hi Darlene  in Georgia for a few days and attending Prophet John Eckhart meeting tonight at life center Vernon Rd . My number is 202 664 7720. Rev Lydia  AZ State Leader  NGPT 

  • One more thing ...Please pray FOR my PURPOSE...That I carryout WHAT GOD INTENDED me to do...Also we're still looking for a place to call home...Going through processing of the job, BUT still no place to call home...GOD BLESS...
  • Good everyone, I pray THAT ALL is well...My name is Susan Samuel and I'm relocating to Georgia within two weeks...This is TRULY a Faith walk FOR I'm being obedient to OUR Father in Heaven...I was BLESSED with an Administrator Position in a School for I'm a former NYC Assistant Principal and Principal of several Private Schools...I'm also an Ordained Chaplain in N.Y. and Internationally as well...
    Please keep me and my family in PRAYER as we make this transition to Georgia...I have such a testimony to share...If YOU DON'T KNOW MY STORY...YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND MY GLORY...IN JESUS PRECIOUS NAME...AMEN...
  • Due to Ian (our Army boy) learning in the end of 2017, of his impending transfer we held back on making an improvident move and now find ourselves in Ephraim, Utah. Since then the higher-ups made the plan for the Georgia Funnells to be placed in Colorado - our neighboring state to the East!

  • Hello Georgia Prayer Group - My son is in GA at Ft. Benning and we (Chris and I) a540995185?profile=original?width=750re planning to re-locate to some place nearby their Midland home this year. Please pray for us to see that takes place at the right time!

  • So glad to have Georgia up and going.  Exciting things are going to happen in the state of Georgia.  God is positioning this state for a great move of His Spirit.  So thankful Pastor Troy Shaw and his lovely wife are going to be leading this ministry in Georgia. 

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