The National Governors' Prayer Team is a cooperative effort of individuals, independent Christian ministries and businesses working together to intercede for and on behalf of all those in authority including the Governor in their state.

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We are here to come together with the focus of praying for our Governor and "all those in authority". Beside our weekly statewide prayer call this give us a place to communicate what you as a watcher on the wall are seeing and hearing. To sound the alarm for special prayer needs and calls. To also get to know and serve one another.

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  • Would also love to connect to some regional or local intercessory groups if anyone knows of any in the Saline/Ann Arbor area.  Blessings! 

  • Greetings & Shalom Michiganders!  I have recently relocated to the Ann Arbor area from the Illinois Governors Prayer Team.  I am on the weekly National Calls with Tom Walker and others around our country.  

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