Movieguide(R) requests your prayers as, by God's grace, we work inside Hollywood to redeem the values of entertainment media.
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  • WOW!!!!  This is a very needed focus.  Thank you for your efforts.

  • My daughter, Angela, is auditioning tonight with a Christian Talent agency at Germantown Great Hall.  I am praying she continues to see the True Riches of His Glory in Modeling Christ, Acting as Jesus would act, and performing not for man but for GOD.

    Please pray for her experience tonight to be fruitful as she continues on the course God has ordered for her.  She is very talented and humble. I believe there are opportunities in the filming industry for her as she stays in His word and Abides in Him.


    Praise God!

  • May the glory of God rise within the movie industry.
  • Count me in!  Praise God!
  • Lord You are the Creator of the world and the healer of the broken hearted.  May the movie industry refocus on family values and may movies be made that bring tenderness to the hard hearted and healing to the broken hearted. And may Your mercy peace and grace abound on our country as we remember 9-11 -  have mercy on us and forgive us Lord.
  • Friends, Ted was on our national call just a couple of weeks ago. I know how many of you enjoyed the call. Lets continue to support him and Hollywood withn our prayers.
  • I look forward to seeing Ted on Saturday morning in NYC!
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