The National Governors' Prayer Team is a cooperative effort of individuals, independent Christian ministries and businesses working together to intercede for and on behalf of all those in authority including the Governor in their state.

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New Hampshire Governors Prayer Team

We are here to come together with the focus of praying for our Governor and "all those in authority". Beside our weekly statewide prayer call this gives us a place to communicate what you as a watcher on the wall are seeing and hearing. To sound the alarm for special prayer needs and calls, and to get to know and serve one another.

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  • Welcome, NH leader Annette, to the well-deserved place that has awaited you! For a long time starting in the mid-1980's I (& at times my wonderful wife Chris) visited churches and prayer meetings - because I worked at many NH hospitals as a visiting service tech I was able to build lasting friendships and so would like to get my list of some of these contacts - among whom you probably know many already - into your hands. My email is <> and Chris's is <>.  

  • welcome, Blessings!!

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