The National Governors' Prayer Team is a cooperative effort of individuals, independent Christian ministries and businesses working together to intercede for and on behalf of all those in authority including the Governor in their state.
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Wisconsin NGPT Group

We are here to come together with the focus of praying for our Governor and "all those in authority". Beside our weekly statewide prayer call this give us a place to communicate what you as a watcher on the wall are seeing and hearing. To sound the alarm for special prayer needs and calls. To also get to know and serve one another.

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  • Sorry Jill, Steve is out of the country right now on a mission trip to Accra, Ghana. You can follow him on Facebook 

  • Thank you for responding Brenda and Jim. I was beginning to wonder

    if there was someone out there paying attention. I haven't quite got

    the knack on how this site works. I haven't yet heard from Steven. I

    certainly welcome him and both of you to talk and pray with through

    the site. I have a conflict with the phone service that I use. My land line

    is only for 911. I didn't want all the soliciting calls! Nevertheless, my

    prayers are with. Stay in touch. Jill

  • We  are originally from WI, we proclaim ourselves to be cheeseheads! We keep WI in our hearts and in our prayers.

  • I understand that many people are praying both for their state and

    national. I think that people want things to just go back to normal.

    But this is a problem, what are we considering normal? What ever

    we have been doing has brought us to the current issues that are

    staring us in the face. So my prayer is not only for more godly individuals in our government but ones that seek God's governmental

    standard. We are to love our neighbor as ourselves but God never

    told us to give up His Truth to do so. We are to be lights in the

    darkness. We should never let go of the job the Lord has actually 

    given us to do. We all know what that is. It certainly isn't to try to

    save your state or save America, it is about saving souls. My prayer

     is that the Lord allows our state to thrive for the sake of his gospel.

    My prayer is for America to thrive for the sake of his gospel. In doing

    this, I remain true to the Lord's Will. 

  • Praying for you and Wisconsin.


  • We are following Wisconsin's battles for hope and a future. We bless you!
  • Stephen, I joined in with this group because I am praying earnestly for Wisconsin during this crisis time.  What is happening there will spread like wild fire if we intercessors don't go into the spirit world and stop it.  It's tough to believe this is happening in America.  Praying for you that God will give you favor in that state.


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