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  • Thomas,

    I think you were asking about this candidate for Governor in MA. I hope you will sign up for his excellent newsletter

    Press release:

    Scott Lively to Challenge Charles Baker in the Massachusetts Republican Primary

    Committee to Elect Scott Lively
    PO Box 10512, Holyoke MA 01041

    For Immediate Release

    Contact: Dr. Scott Lively

    Scott Lively to Challenge Charles Baker in the Republican Primary 

    Attorney and pastor Scott Lively of Springfield has formally established an election committee per Massachusetts election law to begin campaigning for Governor of the Commonwealth.  Lively, who ran as an Independent in 2014 against Baker, Democrat Martha Coakley and two other Independents, says he will run this time as a Republican.  

    “In 2014 I purposefully campaigned only part-time, raised just enough money to do the basics, and openly declared I did not want to win but only to promote biblical and conservative values in the political arena.  I wanted the focus to be on the principles, not the politics. Nevertheless, in the five-way race, with just over $25,000, I defeated Jeff McCormick who spent $1 million, and I fell just 50,000 votes short of liberal darling Evan Falchuck who ran all out to win and spent around $1.5 million.  

    “In the nearly four years that Charles Baker has been in office, the values I championed in 2014 have suffered greatly.  Republican-In-Name-Only Baker has not only ruled as a de-facto big government pro-abortion Democrat, but has plundered the treasury of the Republican Party to wage war on conservatives – trying to purge us from the party.  And he has presided over a sizable drop in Republican enrollments — on track to transforming the Grand Old Party into his own personal nest of corrupt patronage and cronyism that will represent less than 10% of the electorate by 2020.    

    “Somebody needs to stop Charles Baker before he completely destroys the Republican Party and its foundation of principled conservatism that is the only real hope for restoring Massachusetts to its former strength and health.  I think that person is Scott Lively.”

    Over the past two years Dr. Lively has made a personal study of the populist movement around the world, visiting more than 25 countries to investigate this remarkable political phenomenon first-hand. Based upon his unique perspective he believes Massachusetts is ripe for a conservative populist revolution that could finally “drain the swamp” of moral and political corruption that has come to define this commonwealth in the eyes of the world.    

  • Aloha Tomas and welcome, I just became a member last week, a good way to begin this New Year.  Blessings - Barbara

  • Hello Thomas & welcome. My prayer for you is the grace and peace of the Father is shown triumphantly in your life and of those you love. - Tom

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