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When I first stated out with prayer conference calls I was convinced any more than 12 to 14 people it would be impossible to conduct prayers effectively. Boy was I wrong! Its true that not everyone gets an opportunity to pray but to be honest not everyone wants to. They would just as soon agree and that where the power is as they agree "In The Spirit". - Tom

So what works to promote your state call.

What did you do when inviting other ministries to come lead your state call?

What did you do to ask them to bring their team along with them?

Have you developed any geographical teams from your state call?

Do you have regional State Prayer Leaders? Why would you need one?

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  • Sounds excellent Barb, i think it’s great that you are able to stay connected with the emails. It is good to keep people informed and reminded about things to pray for. Bless you!
  • Here in Nebraska, we have a State Prayer Call on the Third Monday of the Month at 8 AM (CST)/7 AM (MST). One of our challenges is that the state is longer east to west than it is north to south. As a result, it is cut roughly in half between Central Time Zone and Mountain Time Zone. Also people are very busy with involvement with other ministries, so don't really have time to get on a weekly call. I also have a weekly prayer email with usually 4 prayer focuses for the week that goes out every Sunday evening. It usually includes federal, state, and local concerns in praying for those in authority in government.

  • Hi Team,  I guess I would like to share about our State call.  We have done a weekly call for about 4 years now.  It started out during the day with Skype, so it mainly involved people who did not have to work during the day.  After a while when it became difficult to connect we went to an evening call and it has remained that way. Our call is on Monday nights from 7-8pm. I have an invite which goes out through a Secret fb group called the Maine Apostolic Prayer Network.  It repeats each week and send out reminders.  I also called people I knew from around the State that I thought might be interested.  Much of the prayer in the beginning days was about the Church rising to understand the call to prayer.  At times there were just two of us.  I felt to promise the Lord to not give up even if there was one other to agree, that it would be good. We have been blessed to have a Republican Governor, Pro-life, small government, get out of debt, etc., for the past 8 years.  This has just changed! Each week I would see where he was being attacked in the news, and sought the Lord for scriptures to pray for him and into other issues we were facing. I am presently praying about how to move forward concerning those who want to take our State back to Obama era policies! Praying for their souls is key, continuing in worship to our Lord is key, but how do we become pro active and on the offense instead of defensive, hindsight prayers about situations or policies? Right now appointments to key Government positions are being announced, we have already been praying that these positions would be filled with those our Lord chooses.  I send a weekly email before the call, as Tom does for us nationally, with prayer points and scriptures to help guide us.  It seems to help with facilitating the call.

    May we find favor with this administration in order to build relationships and prayerfully influence them!

    I have not yet asked other State prayer leaders or ministries to lead our call.  I have asked them to be part of the call and so far, they have not come on.  I believe right now we as a State are still in the building of relationships season.  Dividing lines are falling and trust is being built. I did invite some of the candidates running for office to come on and others that were spearheading crucial bills, and again they did not come on. However I was able to pray with them personally on phone calls. Some of the ministries I have worked with previously on various prayer initiatives issuing from them or myself are.  Women's Aglow, National Day of Prayer, Christian Civic League, Maine Elders Coalition, Transformations Ministries Int. As admin of the Me. Apostolic Prayer Network, I spend some of my time reaching out and or posting prayer requests that come in from places all over Maine. I like to post events for others as well, that include, seminars, conferences, on healing, prayer or worship, etc.  Recently our State became involved with an initiative that is part of America Prays, called Maine Prays.  The idea is a 24/7 canopy of prayer, that people sign up for blocks of time.  Prayer points go out monthly to help facilitate. 

    All an all, I believe it takes time to build and building is what we do.  Jeremiah 1:4-9

  • Jonathan, thank you for your prayers. The campaign of lies against our Brother Don has already begun. Lord, give voters discernment so they can easily separate truth from lies and empty promises and vote accordingly!

  • This is Jonathan Berry from the Washington State Governors Prayer Team. I would be honored to lift Don up as the elections draw near. As a beginning, O Lord, let me first thank you for the opportunity to stand with my sister in agreement that you have called us as praying children of God that we stand together to recognize that You are the author of all authority. Furthermore we recognize Your work in the election of President Trump and we need to support him by voting state and federal level candidates to prevent gridlock or reversal of the godly conservative vote. We pray for brother Don' safety, favor in his community at the ballot box. We also know that you are truth and there is no lie in you. We do not want to bring about political division, but rather a boomerang effect that both sides know that lies create separation, a lack of trust and instability.

    This country state by state needs the stability and sustainability that candidates like Don can bring to his office. Just as King Hezakiah came before You Lord regarding the profaning of Your Holy name by taking credit for victory over Your people with arrogance towards You! We request that You reset the hook that was used to free the people of Judah and remove Don's competition much like the Assyrian king without incident. We are not battling people but the spirit of idolatry through arrogance, pride, and the deception of your creation! Thank You Lord, Thy will be done that Your servant may represent You and his constituents, Amen
  • Please join me in praying for our local Congressman in Nebraska District 2. Gen. Don Bacon is a Brother in Christ who is being targeted by the radical left with a socialist agenda. It is one of many swing districts that can determine who contols the US House of Representatives. Paid "volunteers" are being bussed in from out of state to work for his opponent who rejects biblical values. Also let's be covering our Brothers & Sisters in the Carolinas as they deal with Hurricane Florence. Thank God Dr. Peggy has safely evaculated Myrtle Beach, SC which is getting hammered right now and is in danger of being cut off completely from the outside world by the flooding.

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