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We are excited that the Call to Prayer for America is being answered by so many individuals and organizations across our nation.  It is a message that we cannot carry alone.  You can help by serving as a NGPT Prayer Leader in your area.  Our collective commitment to pray for this nation forms a powerful blanket of prayer around America.  If you or your organization would like to serve as a NGPT Prayer Leader, please contact me.

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  • This is written on NGPT recorded call archive list:

    Today’s word on the conference call for NGPT,  Feb. 17,2015

    We are all over the country, and His word says that where two or more are gathered, there He is in the midst of us, in the middle. We are all joined. I saw Jesus standing tall in the middle of the state of Oklahoma and His arms were spread out, and he was spinning like a tornado at very rapid speed.  He is reorganizing as we pray. He is reorganizing the states and everything according to His glory and His might power.  As for the Sharia Law, the gavel has already been brought down.

    I saw the United States as a fighting horse wearing the armor of God.  Maine is wearing the helmet, the Belt of Truth is around Texas all the way north; the whole country is covered by the breastplate and shield, and the feet are California, Texas, and Florida.  We can fight and take a stand because He is like wind. He is powerful like a tornado.  What we see in the natural may look like destruction but He says NO, in my spirit, in my grace and power and authority, I make all things new.

    Magin Gonzalez
    Round Rock, TX.

  • Amen Desiree! So grateful you are there!
  • Praise the Lord! We are locking shields on the East.
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