The National Governors' Prayer Team is a cooperative effort of individuals, independent Christian ministries and businesses working together to intercede for and on behalf of all those in authority including the Governor in their state.

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National Governors Prayer Team: Regional Prayer Leader

Regional Prayer Leader (RPL) Position Summary: This position exists to oversee and support the State Prayer Leaders (SPL) with their area of responsibility and be a liaison to the National Office. This involves the development of personal relationships with each of the SPL’s state-wide strategies to implement observances (Prayer Conference Calls, Times of Public Prayer) and mobilize ongoing prayer, training plans if necessary to develop the SPL’s and their intercessor network and support resources to assist state promotion. 

Principal Duties/Responsibilities

1 - Liaison and extension of the National Office and mission:

  • Work in conjunction with the National Director
  • Grassroots movement: Share victories, identify concerns, needs and opportunities, prayer alerts, messages, spokespersons,
  • Coordinator Data: oversee new SPL apply online along with their intercessory teams and inner state prayer leaders; ensure current databases. Ensure SPL receives national data updates.
  • Hold a monthly regional call with all SPL’s participating.

2 - Training, Equipping and Recruitment: 

  • Develop State training plans w/to increase effectiveness, support and ministry impact.
  • Oversee flow of training resources to SPL via web site, state training days, phone, email support.
  • Ensure the vision, mission, consistent promotion and presentation messages on SPL weekly calls
  • Help recruit and train new SPL; relationships, identifying and engaging with upcoming leaders and other ministries networking, mutual partnerships.

3 - Expenses:

  • If needed establish a non-profit account through an existing non-profit local church or Christian ministry - or establish your own non-profit status, 501(c)(3) - to receive funds (donations).

 4 - State Prayer Leader Support:

  • Develop a personal relationship with each of the SPL: ongoing prayer support, guidance, ideas, communication (email, phone, etc.)
  • Develop state strategies to implement prayer observances and prayer calls
  • When needed assist in developing plans for budgeting, funding and promoting events and prayer initiatives.

5 - National Web Site ( 

  • Visit site for on-going information, coordinator page updates, training tools.
  • Event/ Prayer Call Posting: Oversee SPL postings of all upcoming prayer events on the national web site calendar, with detailed information.
  • Event/ Prayer Call Reporting: Oversee on-line brief report after Event/ Prayer Call. Consider a link to the calls recording or a video link from event on YouTube. Event/ Prayer Call report data supports Prayer Leader/ Intercessor network, National Director and media efforts to praise, track, and share the power and results of prayer.

6 - Reporting:

  • This position reports to and is directly accountable to the National Director.
  • National Regional Leader positions are recruited for and appointed by the National Director
  • Key verses:

I Timothy 2: 1-4 “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

2 Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

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  • This was sent to me by Susan Johnsen:

    Notes on guest speakers David Butts & Doug Small

    Warm Greetings, Western State NGPT Leaders!


    Only a few state coordinators were able to attend the NGPT “Consecration” event in Indianapolis last week – 14 to be exact – but it was an inspired gathering with high-spiritual caliber.  Those who attended were as warm and friendly a group as one could ever hope to meet, and each one imparted great wisdom, understanding, encouragement and insight.   I was blessed by all and felt that we had a small foretaste of Heaven as we fellowshipped together.  The states represented included Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Washington and Indiana (of course).   I would like to add that Tom Walker did an excellent job planning, arranging, coordinating and otherwise taking care of all of us and deserves commendation for all his hours of thoughtful work.  We were so blessed by it. 


    I wrote up my notes from the two sessions given by the guest speakers—Dave Butts and Doug Small—so decided to forward them to you.   Please understand I was writing as fast as I could during the sessions but only capturing a small amount, so attached is an inadequate snapshot of their whole presentations.  But I wanted you to get a sense of the “flavor” of the teaching. 


    The couple from Florida who attended—Frank and Robin Williamson--have volunteered to host the next NGPT gathering, so that may pique your interest.   The date has not been determined—and is probably several months if not a year away--but I wanted you to know just as a heads-up and to encourage you to consider attending if you can.    You will truly be blessed, inspired and informed!   


    I am still working on phone contact among us as a group – so far our schedules have not meshed.    Will continue to work on it until we can set a time.  Thanks again for your fervent zeal for God’s work in the government sphere.   

  • As some of you may already know I will be at the National Prayer Committee meeting January 29-31. We sent Stephanie to there annual meeting last year in California because I had a project commitment that made it impossible for me to attend myself. It was still quit a bit of travel because is was in southern CA (450 mi.).

    They were giving us a going over for possible membership in NPC. After Stephanie returned she explained that all was good. Nine months later I discovered we were not members due to a rule I was not aware of. The head ministry leader must be in attendance.  This was even more surprising seeing they had cashed the membership check I sent to them in January 2013.

    All this to say that I will be going to this years meeting in Charlotte, NC for a similar purpose. We have already been so blessed by David Butts ministering to our group. What an honor it would be to associate this ministry with NPC. Obviously there has been some sort of resistance put up against this taking place. Please pray.

  • First Regional call: Your next miracle is to get all you State Prayer Leaders all together on a call. Having them praying together & for one another will bring the unity & family component into play. I have found that brining their position in NGPT and associated ministry work to the forefront of the conversation and prayer will accelerate this. Asking what tools or blessing they need from the Lord to expand there ministry efforts is a good start. 

  • We will need to consider adding at least one or two more regional leaders this year.


  • The Prayer Call this morning was such a blessing.  We did have a battle with the airways---sometimes I could not hear but then the airway would clear and I heard everyone.  I do hope, Stephanie, that you will post the material you gave us on rage--also the Scripture and comments you gave, Sherry.  It was great to have Tom on with us after his battle with the heart.  It's just an attack---probably has nothing to do with Tom---I have a hunch it's an attack against NGPT because the enemy does not like the new anointing that is on this ministry.  So excited about what I feel God is up to. 
  • I know you have heard about my battle of the "heart" this week and your prayers have seen me through to complete health. I am at home now and have just finished praying for the National Leaders Summit taking place right now in Wembly Statdium London. This weeks bump in the road prevented me from attending but will not stop us from joining together this morning on our call using the regular weekly number and pass code @ 10 AM Eastern. Bless you and see you all then.
  • I think I can make it. I will be traveling all day but can call in
  • Look like 10 am at this point... Sherry?
  • Tom - We have events at church from 8AM - 10AM and in then we are off to our Capitol concerning "The Day of Rage".    So, we could participate between 10AM and noon, and then after 5PM on Saturday.


  • Guys... we really need toget together on a call. Is there a chance we can do this durring this weekend? Sometime this Saturday. I am open to the weekday sometime as well by I'm unsure of Sherry's daytime availibility (Sherry, let us know) so we can focus on Saturday for the moment.  
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National Strategy

I look forward to discussing our national strategy for 2014 on the morning (10 AM Eastern) of the 18 January. This will be the focus we will have as a constant while still responding to the ongoing day to day prayer needs as the year unfolds. An example of a key focus might be prayer for the marriage crises for the first quarter along with establishing your Regions first Prayer Conference Call. Our 2014 Gathering in Florida at Frank and Robin's. Dates? Focus? Feel free to add your ideas here…

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