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  • Stan,

    As someone who lived 40 years in Michigan before my husband's job started moving us around, I would like to touch in with you.  

    I have organized National Day of Prayer gatherings in Vermont for most of the 20 years we've lived here.  I do know Michiganders who might help with prayer efforts back there.  

    Please do pray for the region where the 2 dams broke creating national news for the interior land tsunami effect of the flood waters.  That's where I lived.  No lives were lost, Praise God, but the lake I lived on is now a river.  


    Martha Hafner


  • Colleen in California.  Here is what happens from my spot in California. I dial 805 399-1000. A recording says: number changed to 641 715-3670. When I dialed the number some poor man answered and said he has gotten calls for 3 days asking if this is the conference line number.  Blessings and I thought 1Samuel 5 would be good for today's call.

  • Hello Stan,

    I have lived In Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. I have many relatives that

    live in Illinois. So I "will" be praying for your government officials. as life

    has not been easy for any of the relatives. Thank You for keeping Wisconsin

    in your prayers.    Jill  

  • Grace and blessing on you special day Stan. So blessed are we on the day you were born.
  • Enjoyed reading your bio.  Looking for God to do great things in 2011. 

    There are several different kinds of groups here:

    Groups are to be set up by each of the US Regional Prayer Leaders to provide communication to the states under there care.

    Each State Prayer Leader is also to set up a group to provide communication such as prayer alerts, communications regarding special projects and gatherings across their state.

    State Area Prayer Leaders, County Prayer Leaders and City/Town Prayer Leaders may also find it useful to provide a Group for there constituents to provide further connectivity.

    It is up to the Prayer Leader to invite the individuals from there area of responsibility to join there group.

    To learn more about creating groups start Here

    To view All Groups start Here

    To begin a Group start Here

  • To see how to upload your Profile Photo Click Here

  • Grace and blessings Stan. Check the Discussion "Here are Tips to Change the Layout of Your Profile Page" This should have you up and running. You can see an example of a leaders page Here Also if you don't have NGPT letter head yet you can get that at the Helping You Get Started Discussion Be sure to click on Add a Group here or on your My Page or the Main page and add an East North Central Region - Governors' Prayer Team. Then invite your states to join as they themselves join the network.

  • Grace, peace and blessings Stan. So glad you are here!
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Taylorville, IL


September 7

Regional Strategy 2011

I look forward to discussing our regional strategy for 2011 in early January. These will be the focus we will have as a constant while still responding to the ongoing day to day prayer needs as the year unfolds. An example of a key focus might be prayer for the nations financial crises for the first quarter along with establishing your states first Prayer Conference Call.

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