The Resolution I wrote for Maine to stand in support of Israel, which passed in 2013 as a Joint resolution in the Maine Legislature, has just been presented to the Knesset, by the Sponsor Rep. Dale Crafts and Co-sponsor Sen. Garret Mason. I know P.M. Netanyahu received a copy just after it passed, as they responded with a thank you letter. I am feeling overwhelmed with such joy at this moment. I had just been thinking about all of the process we went through and praying it made a difference. I had distributed a pile of books to Rep. Dale concerning Israel, including some CUFI info. and a book written by a friend, Doug Hershey, who helped me with the resolution. "Understanding God's heart for Israel, A Christians biblical guide". These were given to any interested in the Legislature. I believe at that point or shortly after Rep. Dale went the CUFI conference. Now here he is in Israel. I am praising the Lord! We you join me in rejoicing!
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